17 May: Set the Stage

That’s right, you’re on a stage set-up by SND Productions. The floorboards might creek and the night might be a big one, but you can rest…

09 May: AV on our CV

SND Productions offer the service of setting up wicked Audio Visuals & Projection…

02 May: Mix it up Mr. Disk Jockey!

We here at SND Productions love mixing things up a little when offering our clients the DJ package for any event or occasion of choice.

23 Apr: The Light In Your Eyes!

As you have guessed, we do an amazing set-up and renting of lighting equipment. You will think your eyes deceive you when you cast your gaze on the glaze cast by our professional services…

15 Apr: The SND of Music

Let me hear you make some noise! Also, let us help you by taking your noise and enhancing it to its maximum potential.

04 Apr: Host Events NOT to Miss!

Looking into hosting an event?
We know that it tends to be a rather stressful process to set-up all on your own. Why not let professionals do it for you?

28 Mar: Booking your first artist successfully

Just picture it! You’ve been working hard on your specific venue. It might be a local bar with dim lights and a stage the size of a podium or it could be your gay best friend’s wedding with all its lavish details.

18 Mar: The Benefits of Dry Hire

That’s right folks, we are open for the driest of hiring, drier than a desert or a pool towel in December.

08 Mar: Band Practice

When it comes to a man’s garage, the rules of engagement change. It’s a subtle change in behaviour. You become soft-spoken and capably violent simultaneously, especially when there are teenagers involved.