15 Nov: Strawberry Run

The Redberry farm is a magical gem that forms part of our very own Garden of Eden here in George….

01 Nov: SND Podcast

we are starting our own dedicated podcast on #YoungLocalArtists and what their lives are like….

25 Oct: A Day in the life of a Light

When doing what we do, we often have curious thoughts on what it must be like to be a sentient little light in a room of lights during a SND set-up event….

18 Oct: Fans of van Coke

It’s been no secret that one of our all time favourite musicians of South Africa has been and always will be Francois van Coke….

27 Sep: SND Productions supporting SEDA

SEDA accredited training programmes that are being offered to the unemployed, especially to those…

20 Sep: SND and the George Strawberry Festival

Redberry Farm located in George hosts and boasts an annual festival with tickets sold by the entrance…

13 Sep: Dames Aktueel in Eden Place

We would just like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude toward the event for what they are doing and for allowing us to take part in…