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Sound Check

SND Productions had a fantastic run of things during the “Liefde In Jou Sitkamer” live stream. We went through numerous learning curves and really feel like we figured something out for ourselves by ourselves. We used to run an SND Productions Podcast called SND Studio, but have decided to develop the concept further into what we will now call “Sound Check Sessions”.

Sound Check Sessions is where an artist either local to the Garden Route or local to our nation comes in and answers a few of our questions and then proceeds to grace us with their talent in the form of an online performance streamed on both Instagram and Facebook!

Instead of explaining this concept to death, we instead invite you to watch our first Sound Check Session with Ryno Grobbelaar at 4 o’clock this Friday afternoon. Sound Check Sessions is set up in such a way that one can make donations to the artist or band performing on Sound Check Sessions if their performance or story should move you to open your heart in that way. 

Please tune in to our Facebook and Instagram live stream at 4 o’clock today to watch our very first Sound Check Sessions with Ryno Grobbelaar.

Thank you and see you soon!