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The Significance of Today

“What’s so special about today?” you might ask yourself as you read our blog post in your pajamas. 

The significance of today is threefold, you see, today is worker’s day. We celebrate labour in all its majesty. The ability to work is a gift, ask those who are incapable of work and they will say that they desire nothing more than the ability to work once more or to work ever. We have come to appreciate being able to work now more than ever thanks to recent international events such as the pandemic. It will be long before we start dreading work again.

Our marker of significance for this day is the 5th anniversary of SND Productions and our journey of combined effort toward success with our vision of “Sound Never Dying” (SND-Sound Never Dies). We celebrate our anniversary with our loyal supporters by doing what we do best in collaboration with artists, virtual platforms and people alike which brings us neatly to our third instance of significance.

SND Productions is the host of a massive online concert taking place tonight at 18:00 PM 

This concert is formally known as “Liefde In Jou Sitkamer” and it is our “Last day of lock-down” celebration, message of hope, and breath of life back into the industry of South African music and creativity. 

We invite you all, dear readers, to join us virtually tonight at 6 on SND Productions Facebook Page live stream. 

We hope to see you all online,

Thank you!