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Liefde In Jou Sitkamer

Last night our president announced that lockdown will come to its end eventually even if it is only step by step. We are immensely grateful for what feels like the relaunch of our country which is why we have decided to collaborate with MANY artists and various brands to bring you an online show now known as “Liefde In Jou Sitkamer”. 

We have decided that the day this celebration will take place will be on the 1st of May because come what may, we will survive these unforeseen hardships, bitter pills and high hurdles. We hope to bring to our viewers a sigh of relief, a message of hope and a much needed sensation of unity with this performance. We have also decided to dedicate this performance to Worker’s Day and to all our essential workers, nurses in particular, that have been risking their lives by standing by their posts and saving our country from complete stagnation. 

We hope to see you all online and that it sheds a little light into the lives and living rooms of South Africans everywhere. 

Thank you!