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“Live Shows”

We are looking at the beginning of the end for this lock-down as we’ve hit the middle mark this week. Some of us are relieved and some of us are concerned about how they will survive the length equivalent of another lock-down financially. 

This has an impact on many South Africans and we can’t seem to help more than what we have to offer, but what we can do is encourage supporting the artists trying to bring a little light to your lock-down with their live Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Rhino and the Rasta, Janine Fourie, Byron Minnie, Brighitte and Gerhard Faber are just a few of the many artists making their shows live and consumable online. This is a fantastic idea to make us feel a little less alone this quarantine. This is an opportunity to support locally and unite under the same struggle. 

Go check them out and contact us with any of your streaming questions or needs.

Thank you!