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SND Productions Revamp – A Productive Pandemic

We try to be leaders in our industry that exists within the Garden Route when it comes to attitude and resilience. Yes, we face very scary challenges due to all our events being cancelled, but that does not mean that we will sit on the sidelines. 

We’ve gone ahead and revamped our online presence as well as implemented new and improved social media visuals in collaboration with INXCO. We hope to be an example to other businesses in the Garden Route not to let this lock-down get you down despite the challenges such as financial & job security. 

We are doing what we can to look after our own by laying down the right sort of foundation that will help propel us forward, hoping to be part of booming celebratory events once this pandemic is past us.

We hope to see our Garden Route safe and rather untouched by this controversial virus and hope that we suffer as little casualties in all its forms. Enough about the dark, let’s look at the light!

Check out our brand new website!