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SND December Events 2019

SND Productions has managed to secure itself some amazing deals and gigs this December!

Starting from the 16th all the way through to a New Year’s party, launching us directly into the new year of 2020. Our lineup looks like this:

The 16th of December – Carols by Candlelight

The 17th of December – Kloudink

The 18th of December – Melktert Kommissie

The 18th of December – Strawberry Trail Run

The 29th of December – Roan Ash

The 30th of December – Glaskas

The 31th of December – George Neon New Year’s party

The 01st of January – Straatligkinders

The 03 of January – Almero 

We thought we would kick start the Christmas spirit of 2019 on an appropriate date and have it send us off into a swirl of December events, mostly happening in collaboration with various artists and Augusta Grill with some happening twice in various locations.

Keep an eye out for our December events folks!