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SND Podcast

This world, as we know it, likes to change and stay the same and it does so quite frequently. It wasn’t long after the invention of the radio that radio stations decided to have their own themes and shows for the purposes of entertainment. It went from being the most popular source of entertainment and news media all the way through to the invention of other mediums and means of communication. 

Years later after having grown tired of the radio, we have decided that it would be for the best if we brought it back in the form of online radio that can be consumed at each listener’s own leisure. This is why we are starting our own dedicated podcast on #YoungLocalArtists and what their lives are like etc. 

We hope to build a fun-loving fan base and to embark on this journey with your future listeners. It won’t be long before you will hear a signature signing-off phrase said with a velvety voice, but until then…Lorem Ipsum!