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A Day in the life of a Light

When doing what we do, we often have curious thoughts on what it must be like to be a sentient little light in a room of lights during a SND set-up event! Just picture it, we start off in the dark of a box. All we hear is hands scuffing the outside of the container when loading us from the warehouse into the equipment truck. 

The road twists, turns and bumps as the truck makes its way to the location. Once more all that can be heard is the familiar sounds of being handled by the crew. Fortunately, you’re a light so you’re treated with soft hands. At long last, the box you’re in opens up to a brand new location! Where will you be placed this time? Will you be mounted on a stand at eye level? Will you be hanging from the roof, looking down on the event like a bird? Or will you be carefully placed on the floor, creating ambience in the room? 

From here on out everything else falls into place. You’re mounted, a power supply is plugged in and finally you’re tested. First light feels warm from within your copper coils. Success! The waiting game starts, the count down for the event to start begins. Before you can say “SND rocks and sometimes even rolls” it’s showtime! The air fills with ecstasy as you shine as bright as you’re set. Shining from deep within, this is your reason for being! This is your moment!

It’s all over now…awwwh…the last thing you see as you are dismounted is the tired face of a crew member, carefully wrapping you up and tucking you back into your box. It’s time to go home.