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SND Innovation at the Loerie Lodge

It’s not every day that one gets to enjoy the pleasures of innovation. Climbing the next step of the competitive ladder, being one up and therefore higher than before. We’ve recently had the privilege to do the stage and set-up of an event that took place within the Loerie Lodge, taking place over their big, blue public pool. 

We know, it’s nothing new in the world of set-up, but to us it’s as new as figuring out a new smartphone. The event was a success and no one fell into the pool due to poor stage set-up fortunately! We love doing newer and more challenging things with every passing month. 

If you want a similar set-up done or have a few ideas which you would like to try and pull off with our help, come in to our workshop and brainstorm with us. We love a good collaboration opportunity!

Thank you Loerie Lodge for being a fantastic client and a bold venue space!