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SND Productions supporting SEDA

We would like to hold the attention of all our blog readers and direct it towards the SEDA accredited training programmes that are being offered to the unemployed, especially to those in George right now. 

SEDA is offering generic management and entrepreneurship training for free to all who apply to enroll in their certified programmes granted that you apply with your ID, CV and matric certificate in order to process your application. We would like to urge those unemployed individuals to apply for the courses and training as it can only benefit your future. 

They have recently started advertising this opportunity and the sooner one can apply the better the odds are of making use of this fleeting golden ticket of free education. We wish all of those in our local community the best of luck in their endeavours of self improvement and education.

We will be taking part and promoting these movements for as long as we can in hopes of changing lives and making a local impact.