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Dames Aktueel in Eden Place

The SND crew will be doing their thing to be part of the annual “Dames Aktueel” event taking place in the Eden Place venue located in George, Western Cape.

The event is dedicated to the awareness movement on woman and child abuse around the world, but specifically in South Africa. The event has sold out at 600 tickets! 

The theme “Borrel en Bruis” and will have guest speakers, local artists and other performances such as Elvis Blue, Michael Lindt, Myan Subrayan, Heinrich Terblanche Kelly Fourie-Bernard, Johnny Klein as well as dance schools known as “Soul to sole and Carpe Musicam.

The event is informative, relevant and most important of all, addresses a serious reality that we must face and address appropriately. We would just like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude toward the event for what they are doing and for allowing us to take part in it in order to show our sincere support toward this sensitive cause. We wish a safe environment on all women and children of the world and will do what we can in the struggle to improve our world and country.