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Torpedo Weekend

Clear your calendar for Friday and Saturday of next week the 13th – 14th of September! We are all going to attend the festive Torpedo Swimrun and live music event in Wilderness. There will be food trucks, coffee brewers and live bands for those of us who aren’t into running but support that kid in the family. Take this amazing opportunity to mingle with athletes and festival enthusiasts alike. 

13th September – 

Evening – 4pm

3 Runs – 5km

4 Swims – 1km

Total – 6km

Event Fee – R295

Includes camp site at Ebb and Flow North + enjoy the band Rhino & the Rasta + Foodtrucks + CBC Beer + Outdoor theater

14th September – 


7 Runs – 7500m

4 Swims – 2400m

2 Dolphin Dives – 100m

1 Ocean Dunk – 0m

Total – 10km

Event Fee – R295

Includes Camp site at Ebb and Flow North + enjoy the band Rebel Remedy + Foodtrucks + CBC Beer + Outdoor theatre

Click here for more info on the event!