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MediaTech Africa 2019

The SND Productions crew is happy to report back with another successful visit to Johannesburg in order to attend the biennial(Once every two years) MediaTech Africa conference. The conference covers relevant topics from sound and lighting technology to high tech studio recordings, displaying and showing off what’s considered the latest and greatest tech discoveries or innovative solutions in their own particular field. 

This year’s conference took place mid-July and was most informative in terms of what to expect for the next year in terms of savvy tech. We always appreciate creative solutions through innovation and inspiration to perform and deliver. We hope to incorporate new technologies into our service offering as we aim to change and adapt to newer tech every year with MediaTech Africa at our side to guide us through it. 

SND Productions loves to talk shop with its clients, so if it so happens that you need help hosting an event or require assistance in the set-up of a stage, but need to do so in a new and innovative manner, talk to us! We would love to collaborate with you in achieving your dream event.