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SND Career Day – Ruan Venter

In our very own SND blog we have decided to make it our mission to get you, the reader, to see what it’s like working on the inside with the crew of SND. It is not common practice for business to allow clients to peek into the private side of the company, but we are not a common practice, we are SND Productions. With that said, in this post we have put the spotlight on the man behind the microphone, thanking everyone for their collaborative efforts, our team leader & master of ceremonies, Ruan Venter.

We asked Ruan what his favourite part of his job was as team leader and overseer of SND Productions to which he said that his all-time favourite is getting to work with the people he truly loves as well as serving a fun purpose with his passion for music. The part Ruan finds most difficult is putting on the “leader hat” and having to be the one to enforce the correct sort of work ethic and attitude into the crew that will make them most efficient as well as figuring out which strategy will work best.

 A hidden challenge that one might not know about unless working in a similar setting is that of keeping a consistently excellent service going in the Garden Route as it isn’t always the most forgiving clientele in the country. Ruan says that to remain on-top of quality, one must  wake up with the mindset of achieving big everyday, even on the days you feel like laying in bed.

Secret perks of the job are as you could have guessed, meeting the amazing artists SND Productions brings in on a monthly basis, but the biggest being the reward of hearing that a customer is more than satisfied with the service you provided them with.

Ruan reports that if he never got into this particular line of work he has no idea what he would’ve done instead, but suspects that it would involve being a professional athlete. He says that it isn’t a dream that is out of the window and that he might still pursue it one day.

Ruan, we owe you a great debt and carry a quality of respect that only a leader could muster in men. In conclusion, you realised that sometimes you have to run before you can walk and we love that if we were to reduce you to your core, that would be your essence.