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SND Career Day – Sven Lotter

This might just be our final post on life on the greener side of the fence. We dedicate this mini series to what it’s like when working for SND Productions. We’ve explored our many facets of the business from events management through to shop keeping, but in this particular post we wanted to take a look at what it’s like to be a rental manager in SND Productions.

We asked dear Sven what his favorite part of the job was to which he said that, even though he isn’t always directly involved, he loves the opportunity to see all the live shows & deal with the clients that rent equipment from SND Productions. Sven, if you’re reading this, if ever there was a right answer, it would look like this one!

The hardest part of the job for Sven is arguing with his fellow employees, he says he dislikes confrontation between people with whom you work in such a tight approximation with on a daily basis. He might look the part of a hardened veteran, but he’s an old softy.

The most challenging part of the job that you might not know of when working as a rental manager is working with all the different types of clients and maintaining those relationships so that business can always be conducted smoothly. It is a lot more work that you would think and it is like doing laundry or washing dishes in the sense that it never ends, it’s always a maintenance of in and out.

The secret perks of the job according to Sven is that of being paid to watch amazing shows and of course, meeting the talent that makes the show come to life. It’s not always a guarantee, but when it happens, it’s magical.

Sven says that in another life he would have been an accountant and that his best memory made working for SND was when they had to do engineering work for 4 weeks straight. On a scale between 1-5 he is a strong 4 on recommending Windows 10 to a friend and on a scale of 1-1000 we love Sven 3000.