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SND Career Day – Sean Venter

We are back with another post on what it’s like to work on our side of the counter. We realized that our clients might come and go while we stay blissfully unaware of their curiosity as to what it’s like working in the industry of sound & events, which is why we’ve decided to have a little “show & tell” in the form of our blog posts.

Without further adieu, fresh off the streets of George we have Sean Venter, the newest SND crew member filling the big role of “events assistant”. We asked Sean what part of the job he loves the most to which he responded that the process of setting up and striking down stages was the most enjoyable and the most difficult being the act of running the stage.

We asked young Sean what some of the challenges are that people generally won’t know about unless you work in sound set-up & events. He simply said that the bigger the event, the more damage there is done by having something not operating flawlessly and that the hardest unforeseen part of the job is not getting everything operating 100 percent, but keeping it operational throughout the entire event. To be so young yet so wise in the ways of the world.

Some of the perks of working on the grinding side of SND Productions according to Sean is meeting the fabulous and flamboyant artists that they serve. He says that the band he enjoyed meeting most was South Africa’s very own Prime Circle when it comes to the most memorable moment on the job thus far.

We asked Sean for any closing remarks to which he said, “In this life I am an Events Assistant, in another I would have been a veterinarian and on a scale of 1-5 on how likely I am to recommend Windows 10 to a friend, it would have to be a solid 3”.

Welcome to the crew Sean, we will be watching your career with great interest over the next few years!