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Band Practice

When it comes to a man’s garage, the rules of engagement change. It’s a subtle change in behaviour. You become soft-spoken and capably violent simultaneously, especially when there are teenagers involved.

On the topic of owning a teenager, there are key differences between the different genres of teenagers, each and every one of them like their own flavour of ice-cream. Some flavours are great, and some are boring. Some of these teenagers, unfortunately for their parents, are liquorice flavoured. That’s right folks, we are talking mind-numbing, ear-bursting, sky-splitting metal music.

Having them listen to it is one thing but the problem presents itself when these teenagers become inspired. You hear them talking to each other, discussing the scary possibility of your teenager starting a metal band themselves! Where do you think they will be conducting their band practice?

Most certainly not in your house, there aren’t enough egg boxes in the world. The answer is simple, you either move out of the house and take the cats with you OR you banish the band from the land of the garages, leaving only SND Productions as a viable option for band practice.

TLDR – Drop your noisy teenagers and their newly formed band off @ 29 Hibernia St. so that they can make use of our studio for band practice. Bohemian Rhapsody has inspired them all and they will need a place to grow.